Petals to Paper Pricing:
Shipping to USA only at this time.

Sheet Size:  11 x 8 1/2"           $2.00 per sheet  ( large sheet )
                     8 1/2 x   5 1/2     $1.00 per sheet  ( small sheet )

Description:  Each sheet is hand made with flowers, botanicals, mementos that you send me.
                    Your unique paper can be embedded with stamps, music paper, invitations, 
                    tickets, announcements, etc, that you send for that personal touch only you 
                    can offer.

                    Each sheet has 4 natural deckled edges, meaning that they are natural and    
                    irregular, you can trim them for a clean cut if desired.

                    One side will be higher in texture with petals, etc, the other smoother.

                    No two sheets are alike. Thickness varies. If you want a thicker sheet for a 
                    journal cover etc, please indicate. No extra charge for this.

                    Color varies, I work with what you send me. Please allow for artistic license.
                    your paper is as individual as you are, make it simple or varied with your 
                    unique additions.

USA Shipping:    Small Sheets Priority Flat rate shipping at $5.80 for small box, (holds alot)
                           Large Sheets Priority Flat rate shipping at $5.95 for padded envelope for up
                                 to 12 sheets. Anything over 12 large sheets will need to be shipped in
                                 a medium flat rate box at $12.95.

Payment     Can be made securely through my etsy shop using PayPal or credit card.
                   Can be made by money order sent to me.

Optional      Insurance is optional, you pay insurance, just let me know if you want it.

Questions  with "petals to paper" in the heading,  
                   or leave a comment on this blog.

                      No Order Is Too Small  !

To Order, Please fill out the contact form to the right, your email address will not be seen by anyone but me, and will NEVER be given out. Petals to Paper respects privacy.
I will email you back about payment and order specifics!


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