Sunday, July 7, 2013

Petals to Paper , Homemade Paper

Petals to Paper is a unique cottage industry  that takes your special keepsake flowers and turns them into priceless treasures that last.

Remarkably affordable.

Taking fresh,  partly dried, or dry flowers and making them into one of a kind sheets of paper.

A unique way to capture timeless memories.

Here's How It Works:
Send Petals to Paper your special flowers, or petals from your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, prom, graduation, or funeral of a loved one, any flower or botanical of sentimental value to you. Only a few is needed for the magic to happen!   And we send you back one of a kind handmade keepsake paper sheets embedded with your flowers. Each sheet is handmade and pressed by me.

Ready for you to make your own personalized treasure. Use in any project that utilizes paper. Cards, bookmarks, journal covers, scrapbook pages,  especially nice to matt photos.

Singular to you, unique to you, individual to you, because it has a piece of your memory embedded within. 

Exotic and novel.  A distinct way to make that special gift that evokes memories of a person, or time, or event in which it is associated.  

To give as an exceptional gift, or to keep and cherish for yourself. 

Example:  When Melissa G. from sunny California USA got married in her West Coast backyard, her sister gave her a Tea Party themed bridal shower complete with dozens of roses! Unable to throw the now dry blooms out for their sentimental value, they sat in bins in her attic.

Melissa sent me a small bag of dry petals and some lavender from her special day.
 And we went to work.......  Lavender paper in its mold......

And we have the transformation:   

From this... 
To this....

Sample of Petals papers :

Paper made with rose petals.

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